Northeast Modern Language Association, 46th Annual Convention
Toronto, ON, Canada – April 30 – May 3

Comedy and Comics – Parody, Satire, and Humor in Superhero Narratives

Stan Lee bristles at calling them “comic books,” lest readers think they are only “funny books.” This panel identifies how humor operates in works centered around superheroes—as parody, satire, and comedy. Potential topics include comedic twists on the superhero archetype; “campy” TV and film adaptations of “serious” characters; webcomics and humorous children’s books; teaching satire through comics; and cross-cultural appropriation of the superhero motif.

This topic can include comedic, satiric, or parodic portrayals of superheroes as portrayed in manga, anime, Super Sentai, and more, whether Tiger and Bunny, Japanese adaptations of United States comics characters (Marvel Comics), or wackier fare such as Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

Abstract submission deadline (300 words) – September 30
Session chair: Derek McGrath (Stony Brook University)

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