The main goal of is to offer a central point of information about anime and manga studies as an actual academic field, and about approaching Japanese animation and Japanese comics as an academic subject in general. The site’s main components are:

  • Main Page:
    Announcements about new publications and events (lectures, seminars, conferences, etc.), evaluations of new scholarly resources. calls for papers, general essays on anime and manga studies as a field. This section also features short review/response articles that engage with previously published scholarship.

  • Bibliographies:
    Curated lists of scholarly publications on anime/manga and related topics, including the Annual Bibliography of Anime and Manga Studies – a comprehensive yearly listing of new books, chapters in edited essay collections, and articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals on anime/manga written in English. Now also offers a searchable database feature.

    Also includes specialized themed bibliographies such as a listing of articles on anime/manga and related topics published in English-language legal journals, and listings of English-language scholarly publications on several prominent anime and manga creators, such as Mamoru Oshii and Makoto Shinkai, and their works.

  • Resources:
    Specialized directories, including a listing colleges/universities in the U.S. that offer specific classes on anime/manga, the field’s most important journals, and various relevant academic programs, projects, organizations and initiatives.

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