Editor: Steven T. Brown

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan (New York, NY)

ISBN: 1-4039-4060-2


Brown, Steven T. Screening anime (pp. 1-20).

Part I – Towards a cultural politics of anime

  • Napier, Susan. “Excuse me, who are you?”: Performance, the gaze, and the female in the works of Kon Satoshi (pp. 23-41).
  • Levi, Antonia. The Americanization of anime and manga: Negotiating popular culture (pp. 43-64).
  • Takayuki, Tatsumi. The advent of Meguro Empress: Decoding the avant-pop anime TAMALA 2010 (pp. 65-77).

Part II – Posthuman bodies in the animated imaginary

  • Orbaugh, Sharalyn. Frankenstein and the cyborg metropolis: The evolution of body and city in science fiction narratives (pp. 81-111).
  • Silvio, Carl. Animated bodies and cybernetic selves: The Animatrix and the question of posthumanity (pp. 113-137).
  • Ruh, Brian. The robots from Takkun’s head: Cyborg adolescence in FLCL (pp. 139-157).

Part III – Anime and the limits of cinema

  • Lamarre, Thomas. The first time as farce: Digital animation and the repetition of cinema (pp. 161-187).
  • Monet, Livia. “Such is the contrivance of the cinematograph”: Dur(anim)ation, modernity, and Edo culture in Tabaimo’s animated installations (pp. 189-225).


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