Editors: Jaqueline Berndt & Steffi Richter

Publisher: Leipzig, Germany: Leipziger Universitatsverlag

ISBN: 978-3-86583-123-1


Berndt, Jaqueline. Foreword (pp. 7-18).

I. Readings of Barefoot Gen

  • Ito, Yu, & Otome, Tomoyuki. Barefoot Gen in Japan: An attempt at media history (pp. 21-38).
  • Sabin, Roger. Barefoot Gen in the US and UK: Activist comic, graphic novel, manga (pp. 39-57).
  • Fiedler, Sabine. Nudpieda Gen – Hadashi no Gen in an international speech community (pp. 59-76).
  • Ogi, Fusami. Barefoot Gen and MAUS: Performing the masculine, reconstructing the mother (pp. 77-91).

II. Depictions of history in Japanese comics

  • Gildenhard, Bettina. History as faction: Historiography within Japanese comics as seen through Tezuka Osamu’s manga Adolf (pp. 95-106).
  • Berndt, Jaqueline. ‘Adult’ manga: Maruo Suehiro’s historically ambiguous comics (pp. 107-126).
  • Kohn, Stephan. Glimpses of the past: The allegedly authentic samurai spirit as seen through Korure okami (Lone Wolf and Cub) (pp. 127-146).

III. Reading manga beyond Japan

  • Bouissou, Jean-Marie. Japan’s growing cultural power: Manga in France (pp. 149-165).
  • Balzer, Jens. The roses of Cocorino: Reading the shojo in Krazy Kat (pp. 167-177).
  • Lefevre, Pascal. Overlooked by comics experts: The artistic potential of manga as revealed by a close reading of Nananan Kiriko’s Kuchizuke (pp. 179-192).
  • Yamanaka, Chie. Domesticating manga? National identity in Korean comics culture (pp. 193-202).
  • Richter, Steffi. Reading Reading Manga: Personal reflections by a Japanologist (pp. 205-214).