Editor: Philip Brophy

Publisher: National Gallery of Victoria (Victoria, Australia)

ISBN: 0-7241-0278-7

This volume was published in connection with the exhibition of the same name which was hosted at the National Gallery of Australia from Nov. 3, 2006 to Jan. 28, 2007. It contains two original essays, and several translations of materials previously published in Japanese, both by other authors, and by Tezuka himself.


Matsutani, Takayuki. Tezuka Productions’ foreword (pp. 6-7).
Vaughan, Gerard. Director’s foreword (pp. 8-9).
Brophy, Philip. Introduction: Misreading manga (pp. 14-16).

  • Natsume, Fusanosuke. Where has Tezuka gone? (pp. 31-37).
    [Abridged from Tezuka Osamu wa dokoni iru. Tokyo: Chikuma Shobo, 1992].
  • Kashiwagi, Hiroshi. Astro Boy – Dreams and technologies of postwar Japan (pp. 47-56).
    [Abridged from Atomu – Senga Nihon no yume to tekunoroji. in Komikku Media (Comic media), Tokyo: NTT, 1992].
  • Sakurai, Tetsuo. Tezuka – An artist who confronted his era (pp. 67-76).
    [Abridged from Tezuka Osamu, Jidai to kurimusubu hyogensha. Tokyo: Kodansha, 1990].
  • Takeuchi, Ichiro. Tezuka and the origin of story manga (pp. 87-93).
    [Abridged from Tezuka Osamu, sutori manga no kigen. Tokyo: Kodansha, 2006].
  • Ito, Go. Manga history viewed through proto-characteristics (pp. 107-113).
    [Abridged from Tezuka izu deddo: Hirakareta manga no hyogenron e. Tokyo, NTT Shuppan, 2005].
  • Brophy, Philip. Tezuka’s gekiga: Behind the mask of manga (pp. 123-133).