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Project Muse

Editor: Frenchy Lunning

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press (Minneapolis, MN)

ISBN: 978-0-8166-54


  • Lunning, Frenchy, & Lamarre, Thomas. Introduction: Art mecho (p. ix).

Original essays on anime/manga and related topics

  • Shamoon, Deborah. “The Rose of Versailles” and the transformation of shojo manga (pp. 3-17).
  • Toku, Masami. Shojo manga! Girls’ comics! A mirror of girls’ dreams (pp. 19-32).
  • Han Aquila, Meredith Suzanne. Ranma 1/2 fan fiction writers: New narrative themes or the same old story? (pp. 34-47).
  • Miyao, Daisuke. Thieves of Baghdad: Transnational networks of cinema and anime in the 1920s (pp. 83-102).
  • Mizuno, Hiromi. When pacifist Japan fights: Historicizing desires in anime (pp. 104-123).
    [Space Battleship Yamato; Silent Service]
  • Bolton, Christopher. The quick and the undead: Visual and political dynamics in Blood: The Last Vampire (pp. 125-142).
  • Long, Margherita. Malice@Doll: Konaka, speculaziation, and the virtual feminine (pp. 157-173).
  • Drazen, Patrick. Sex and the single pig: Desire and flight in Porco Rosso (pp. 189-199).
  • Perper, Timothy, & Cornog, Martha. The education of desire: Futari etchi and the globalization of sexual tolerance (pp. 201-214).
  • Ortega, Mariana. My father, he killed me; my mother, she ate me: Self, desire, engendering, and the mother in Neon Genesis Evangelion (pp. 216-232).
  • Hairston, Marc. Fly away home: Memory and salvation in Haibane-Renmei (pp. 235-249).
  • Kuge, Shu. In the world that is infinitely inclusive: Four theses on Voices of a Distant Star and Wings of Honneamise (pp. 251-266).
  • Lunning, Frenchy. Between the child and the mecha (pp. 268-282).
  • Allison, Brent. Anime: Comparing macro and micro analyses (pp. 287-289).
  • Robbins, Trina. Crazy rabbit man: Why I rewrite manga (pp. 289-293).
  • Ruh, Brian. Brain-diving Batou (pp. 293-295).
  • Perper, Timothy, & Cornog, Martha. Lurker at the threshold: Saya and the nature of evil (pp. 295-298).

Translations of essays previously published in Japanese

  • Kotani, Mari. Doll beauties and cosplay (pp. 49-62).
    [Translated by Thomas Lamarre. Originally published as Bishojo ningyo/cosupurei, in Mari Kotani, Tekuno-goshikku (Techno-goth), Tokyo: Shueisha, 2005]
  • Azuma, Hiroki. The animalization of otaku culture (pp. 175-187).
    [Translated by Yurika Furuhata & Mark Steinberg, introduction by Thomas Lamarre. Originally published in Hiroki Azuma, Moto genron F-Kai (Net-state discourse F), Tokyo, Seidosha, 2003].

Other essays

  • Vincent, Keith. A Japanese Electra and her queer progeny (pp. 64-79).
  • Benzon, William. Godzilla’s children: Murakami takes Manhattan (pp. 283-287).

Additional materials

  • Rauch, Eron, & Wilson, Maranatha. Bridges of the unknown: Virtual desires and small apocalypses (pp. 143-154).
  • Bolton, Christopher. UAAAAA! Trashkultur! An interview with MAK’s Johannes Wieninger (pp. 298-300).