Japanification of Children's Popular CultureEditor: Mark I. West

Publisher: Scarecrow Press (Lanham, MD)

ISBN: 978-0-8108-5121-4 (paperback)


West, Mark I. Introduction (pp. vii-xi)

Chapters on anime/manga and related topics

  • Patten, Fred. The allure of anthropomorphism in manga and anime (pp. 41-52).
  • Elza, Cary. We all live in a Pokemon world: Animated utopia for kids (pp. 53-72).
  • Pizzato, Mark. Pokemon as theater: Training the pocket monsters of self and consumerism (pp. 73-85).
  • Allison, Brent. Interviews with adolescent anime fans (pp. 119-146.
  • Levi, Antonia. North American reactions to yaoi (pp. 147-174).
  • Davis, Bill. Paradigm lost: How the rising ubiquity of all things Japanese ruined the National Pastime for one American father (pp. 175-184).
  • Flynn, Elizabeth. Two worlds, united by anime (pp. 185-190).
  • Hatoyama, Hiroaki. The cross-cultural appeal of the characters in manga and anime (pp. 191-198).
  • Okuhara, Rieko. The censorship of Japanese anime in America: Do American children need to be protected from Dragon Ball (pp. 199-208).
  • Ruh, Brian. Early Japanese animation in the United States: Changing Tetsuwan Atomu to Astro Boy (pp. 209-226).
  • Farrell, Nicole. Inu Yasha: The search for the jewel of four souls in America (pp. 227-248).
  • Ellis, Bill. Folklore and gender inversion in Cardcaptor Sakura (pp. 249-266).
  • op de Beek, Nathalie. Anima and anime: Environmental perspectives and new frontiers in Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away (pp. 267-284).

Other chapters:

  • Pike, Dale. Godzilla, the evolving monster (pp. 1-6).
  • Susina, Jan. Reptar: The Rugrats meet Godzilla (pp. 7-16).
  • West, Mark I. Invasion of the Japanese monsters: A home-front report (pp. 17-24).
  • Jackson, Kathy Merlock. Hello Kitty in America (pp. 25-40).
  • Wezorek, Joe. Japanese dominance of the video-game industry and the future of interactive media (pp. 85-106).
  • Burrill, Derek A. Jet-Set Kids: Mutation/seduction/hybridization (pp. 107-118).


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