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Editor: Frenchy Lunning

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press (Minneapolis, MN)

ISBN: 978-0-8166-06749-9


  • Lamarre, Thomas. Preface (pp. ix-xiv).

Original essays on anime/manga and related topics

  • Walker, Gavin. The filmic time of coloniality: On Shinkai Makoto’s The Place Promised in Our Early Days (pp. 3-18).
  • Inouye, Rei Okamoto. Theorizing manga: Nationalism and discourse on the role of wartime manga (pp. 20-37).
  • Goldberg, Wendy. Transcending the victim’s history: Takahata Isao’s Grave of the Fireflies (pp. 39-52).
  • Looser, Tom. Gothic politics: Oshii, war, and life without death (pp. 55-73).
  • Anderson, Mark. Oshii Mamoru’s Patlabor 2: Terror, theatricality, and exceptions that prove the rule (pp. 75-109).
  • Thouny, Christophe. Waiting for the Messiah: The becoming-myth of Evangelion and Densha Otoko (pp. 111-129).
  • Foster, Michael Dylan. Haunted travelogue: Hometowns, ghost towns, and memories of war (pp. 164-181).
    [Shigeru Mizuki]
  • Ma, Sheng-Mei. Three views of the Rising Sun, obliquely: Kenji Nakazawa’s A-bomb, Osamu Tezuka’s Adolf, and Yoshinori Kobayashi’s apologia (pp. 183-196).
  • Papp, Zilia. Monsters at war: The Great Yokai Wars, 1968-2005 (pp. 225-239).
  • Suter, Rebecca. From Jusuheru to Jannu: Girl knights and Christian witches in the work of Miuchi Suzue (pp. 241-256).
  • Marran, Christine. Empire through the eyes of a Yapoo: Male abjection in the cult classic Beast Yapoo (pp. 259-273).
  • Pellitteri, Marco. Nippon ex machina: Japanese postwar identity in robot anime and the case of UFO Robo Grendizer (pp. 275-288).
  • Driscoll, Mark. Kobayashi Yoshinori is dead: Imperial war / sick liberal peace / neoliberal class war (pp. 290-303).
  • Jackson, Paul. Paradise lost…and found? (pp. 315-318).
    [Ergo Proxy]
  • Perper, Timothy, & Cornog, Martha. Psychoanalytic cyberpunk midsummer-night’s dreamtime: Kon Satoshi’s Paprika (pp. 326-329).

Other essays

  • Fisch, Michael. War by metaphor in Densha Otoko (pp. 131-146).
  • Washburn, Dennis. Imagined history, fading memory: Mastering narrative in Final Fantasy X (pp. 149-162).
  • Bolton, Christopher. Virtual creation, simulated destruction, and manufactured memory at the Art Mecho Museum in Second Life (pp. 198-210).
  • Tatsumi, Takayuki. Ninja, hidden Christians, and the two Ferreiras: On Endo Shusaku and Yamada Futaro (pp. 213-223).
  • Shamoon, Deborah. If Casshern doesn’t do it, who will? (pp. 223-226).

Additional materials

  • Manga: Land Mine in Central Park (written by Yoji Sakate, art by Chinami Sango) (pp. 305-312).
  • Interview with Murase Shuko and Sato Dai (pp. 329-334).

Book reviews

  • Inoue, Charles Shiro. Two phases of Japanese illustrated fiction. Review of Adam Kern, Manga from the floating world: Comicbook culture and the kibiyoshi of Edo Japan (pp. 313-315).
  • Winge, Theresa M. Molten hot: Japanese gal subcultures and fashions. Review of Patrick Macias & Izumi Evers, Japanese schoolgirl inferno: Tokyo teen fashion subculture handbook (pp. 318-321).
  • Allison, Brent. Monstrous toys of capitalism. Review of Anne Allison, Millennial monsters: Japanese toys and the global imagination (pp 321-323).

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