Editors: Toni Johnson-Woods

Publisher: Continuum (New York)

ISBN: 978-0-8264-2938-4


Johnson-Woods, Toni. Introduction (pp. 1-14)

Manga and Genres

  • Bouissou, Jean-Marie. Manga: A historical overview (pp. 17-33).
  • Bryce, Mio & Davis, Jason. An overview of manga genres
    (pp. 34-61).
  • Drummond-Matthews, Angela. What boys will be: A study of
    shonen manga (pp. 62-76).
  • McLelland, Mark. The “beautiful boy” in Japanese girls’ manga (pp. 77-92).
  • Prough, Jennifer. Shojo manga in Japan and abroad (pp. 93-106).

Manga in Depth

  • Brau, Lorie. Oishinbo’s adventures in eating: Food, communication, and culture in Japanese comics (pp. 109-127).
  • Brophy, Philip. Osamu Tezuka’s gekiga: Behind the mask of manga (pp. 128-136).
  • Bryce, Mio. A look at Hikawa Kyoko’s Kanata kara (pp. 137-137-156).
  • Darlington, Tania & Cooper, Sara. The power of truth: Gender and sexuality in manga (pp. 157-172).
  • Hairston, Marc. The reluctant messiah: Miyazaki Hayao’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind manga (pp. 173-184).

Reading Manga

  • Cohn, Neil. Japanese visual language: The structure of manga (pp. 187-203).
  • Couch, Christopher N. C. International singularity in sequential art: The graphic novel in the United States, Europe, and Japan (pp. 204-220).
  • Rampant, James. The manga polysystem: What fans want, fans get (pp. 221-232).

Manga in the World

  • Bainbridge, Jason & Norris, Craig. Hybrid manga: Implications for the global knowledge economy (pp. 235-252).
  • Bouissou, Jean-Marie, Pellitteri, Marco, & Dolle-Weinkauff, Bernd, with Beldi, Ariane. Manga in Europe: A short study of market and fandom (pp. 253-266).
  • Hayley, Emma. Manga Shakespeare (pp. 267-280).
  • Goldberg, Wendy. The manga phenomenon in America (pp. 281-296).
  • Lent, John A. Manga in East Asia (pp. 297-314).
  • Malone, Paul M. The manga publishing scene in Europe (pp. 315-331).
  • Wong, Wendy Siuyi. Globalizing manga: From Japan to Hong Kong and beyond (pp. 332-350).


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