Editors: Timothy Perper and Martha Cornog

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited (Santa Barbara, CA)

ISBN: 978-1-59158-908-2


Perper, Timothy & Cornog, Martha. Introduction to a semiotic revolution: It may not be Kansas any more but it is the Kansai (pp. xv-xx).

Part I: Art in Contexts

  • Ito, Kinko. Chikai Ide, the queen of Japanese ladies’ comics: Her life and manga (pp. 3-19).
  • Shamoon, Deborah. Films on paper: Cinematic narrative in gekiga (pp. 21-36).
  • Benzon, William. Dr. Tezuka’s ontology laboratory and the discovery of Japan (pp. 37-51).
  • Jackson, Paul. Heirs and graces – Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit in the realm of Japanese fantasy (pp. 53-67).

Part II: Fanships and Art

  • Lunning, Frenchy. Cosplay, drag, and the performance of abjection (pp. 71-88).
  • Brenner, Robin & Wildsmith, Snow. Love through a different lens: Japanese homoerotic manga through the eyes of American gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and other sexualities readers (pp. 89-118).
  • McHarry, Mark. Girls doing boys doing boys: Boys’ love, masculinity, and sexual identities (pp. 119-133).
  • Drazen, Patrick. Reading right to left: The surprisingly broad appeal of manga and anime; or, “wait a minute” (pp. 135-147).

Part III: Politics

  • Penney, Matthew. Manga from right to left (pp. 151-171).
  • Palmer, Ada. All life is genocide: The philosophical pessimism of Osamu Tezuka (pp. 173-190).
  • Lamarre, Thomas. Believe in comics: Forms of expression in Barefoot Gen (pp. 191-207).
  • Pellitteri, Marco. Cultural politics of J-culture and “soft power”: Tentative remarks from a European perspective (pp. 209-236).

Perper, Timothy & Cornog, Martha. Afterword: It isn’t the Kansai anymore, either (pp. 237-238).

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