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Editor: Frenchy Lunning

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press (Minneapolis, MN)

ISBN: 978-0-8166-7734-4


  • Lamarre, Thomas. Introduction: (pp. ix-xvi).

Original essays on anime/manga and related topics

  • Lunning, Frenchy. Under the ruffles: Shojo and the morphology of power (pp. 3-19).
  • Penney, Matthew. Exploited and mobilized: Poverty and work in contemporary manga (pp. 52-66).
    [Helpman!, Ikimagi: The Ultimate Limit]
  • Sell, Cathy. Manga translation and interculture (pp. 93-108).
  • Lamarre, Thomas. Speciesism, part III: Neoteny and the politics of life (pp. 110-136).
  • Monnet, Livia. Anatomy of permutational desire, part II: Bellmer’s dolls and Oshii’s gynoids (pp. 153-169).
  • Saito, Kumiko. Desire in subtext: Gender, fandom, and women’s male-male homoerotic parodies in contemporary Japan (pp. 171-191).
  • Raine, Emely. The sacrificial economy of cuteness in Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space (pp. 193-209).
  • Welker, James. Flower tribes and female desire: Complicating early female consumption of male homosexuality in shojo manga (pp. 211-228).
  • Miyadai, Shinji. Transformation of semantics in the history of Japanese subcultures since 1992 (pp. 231-258).
  • Yoshikuni, Igarashi. Tsuge Yoshiharu and postwar Japan: Travel, memory, and nostalgia (pp. 271-285).
  • Horbinski, Andrea. War for entertainment: The Sky Crawlers (pp. 304-306).
  • Ruh, Brian. Volition in the face of absurdity (pp. 306-309).
    [Sky Crawlers]
  • Jackson, Paul. The past presents the future: Toward the Terra (pp. 309-312).

Translations of materials previously published in Japanese

  • Ito, Go. Tezuka is dead: Manga in transformation and its dysfunctional discourse (pp. 69-82).
    [excerpted from Tezuka izu deddo: Hirakareta manga no hyogenron e (Tezuka is dead: Post-modernist and modernist approaches to Japanese Manga, Tokyo, NTT Shuppan, 2005).
  • Miyamoto, Hirohito. How characters stand out (pp. 84-91).
    [originally published as Manga ni oite kyarakutaa ga ‘tatsu’ to wa do iu koto ka (What does it mean to say that character ‘stands out’ in manga?), Nihon Jido Bungaku43(2), 46-51.]

Other essays

  • Bergstrom, Brian. Girliness next to godliness: Lolita fandom as sacred criminality in the novels of Takemoto Novala (pp. 21-37).
  • Marran, Christine. Beyond domesticating animal love (pp. 39-50).
  • Evens, Aden. The logic of digital gaming (pp. 260-269).

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