Editors: Mizuko Ito, Daisuke Okabe, and Izumi Tsuji

Publisher: Yale University Press (New Haven, CT)

ISBN: 978-0-300-15864-9


  • Ito, Mizuki. Introduction (pp. xi-xxxi).

Essays on anime, manga, and related topics:

  • Azuma, Hiroki. Database animals (pp. 30-67).
    This chapter previously appeared in English as a section in Azuma, Hiroki (2009) Japan’s database animals (pp. 25-62).
  • Eng, Lawrence. Strategies of engagement: Discovering, defining and describing otaku culture in the United States (pp. 85-104).
  • Tamagawa, Hiroaki. Comic Market as a space for self-expression in otaku culture (pp. 107-132).
  • Morikawa, Kaichiro. Otaku and the city: The rebirth of Akihabara (pp. 133-157).
  • Eng, Lawrence. Anime and manga fandom as networked culture (pp. 158-178).
  • Ito, Mizuko. Contributors versus leechers: Fansubbing ethics and a hybrid public culture (pp. 179-204).
  • Okabe, Daisuke, & Ishida, Kimi. Making fujoshi identity visible and invisible (pp. 207-224).
  • Okabe, Daisuke. Cosplay, learning, and cultural practice (pp. 208-248).
  • Ito, Mizuko. “As long as it’s not Linkin Park Z“: Popularity, distinction, and status in the AMV subculture (pp. 275-298).

Other essays:

  • Tsumi, Izuji. Why study train otaku? A social history of imagination (pp. 3-29).
  • Kitada, Akihiro. Japan’s cynical nationalism (pp. 68-84).
  • Kijima, Yoshimasa. The fighting gamer otaku community: What are they “fighting” about? (pp. 249-274).


  • Noppe, Nele (2015). Transformative Works and Cultures, 18.



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