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Editor: Frenchy Lunning

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press (Minneapolis, MN)

ISBN: 978-0-8166-8049-8


  • Lamarre, Thomas. Introduction: Radical perspectivalism (pp. ix-xviii).

Essays on anime/manga and related topics

  • Steinberg, Marc. Inventing intervals: The digital image in Metropolis and Gankutsuo (pp. 3-22).
  • Fujimoto, Yukari. Takahashi Macoto: The origin of shojo manga style (pp. 24-55).
  • Loh, Waiyee. Superflat and the postmodern gothic: Images of Western modernity in Kuroshitsuji (pp. 111-127).
    [Black Butler]
  • Riekeles, Stefan, and Lamarre, Thomas. Image essay: Mobile worldviews (pp. 174-188).
  • Jackson, Craig. Topologies of identity in Serial Experiments Lain (pp. 191-201).
  • Li, Jinying. From Superflat windows to Facebook walls: Mobility and multiplicity of an animated shopping gaze (pp. 203-221).
  • Somers, Emily. New halves, old selves: Reincarnation and transgender identification in Oshima Yumiko’s Tsurubara-tsurubara (pp. 223-246).
  • Furuhata, Yuriko. Audiovisual redundancy and remediation in Ninja bugeicho (pp. 249-262).
  • Sas, Miryam. Moving the horizon: Violence and cinematic revolution in Oshima Nagisa’s Ninja bugeicho (pp. 264-280).
  • Monnet, Livia. Anatomy of permutational desire, part III: The artificial woman and the perverse structure of modernity (pp. 282-297).

Other essays

  • Sakaki, Atsuko. The face in the shadow of the camera: Corporeality of the photographer in Kanai Meiko’s narratives (pp. 57-76).
  • Orbaugh, Sharalynn. Kamishibai and the art of the interval (pp. 78-100).
  • Screen, Timon. Hokusai’s lines of sight (pp. 103-109).
  • Beynon, David. From techno-cute to Superflat: Robots and Asian architectural features (pp. 129-148).
  • Jackson, Reginald. Dying in two dimensions: Genji emaki and the wages of depth perception (pp. 150-172).

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