Manga's Cultural Crossroads
Manga’s Cultural Crossroads

Editors: Jaqueline Berndt and Bettina Kummerling-Meibauer

Publisher: Routledge (New York)

ISBN: 0415504503 / 9780415504508


  • Berndt, Jaqueline. Studying manga across cultures (pp. 1-18)
  • Schodt, Frederik. The view from North America: Manga as late-twentieth-century Japonisme? (pp. 19-26)
  • Stewart, Ronald. Manga as schism: Kitazawa Rakuten’s resistance to “old-fashioned” Japan (pp. 27-49)
  • Suzuki, Shigeru. Tatsumi Yoshihiro’s gekiga and the global Sixties: Aspiring for an alternative (pp. 50-64)
  • Berndt, Jaqueline. The intercultural challenge of the “mangaesque”: Reorienting manga studies after 3/11 (pp. 65-84).
  • Yamanaka, Chie. Manhwa in Korea: (Re-)Nationalizing comics culture (pp. 85-99)
  • Kummerling-Meibauer, Bettina. Manga/comics hybrids in picturebooks (pp. 100-120)
  • Klar, Elisabeth. Tentacles, lolitas, and pencil strokes: The parodist body in European and Japanese erotic comics and manga (pp. 121-142)
  • Noppe, Nele. Social networking services as platforms for transcultural fannish interactions: DeviantART and Pixiv (pp. 149-162)
  • Omote, Tomoyuki. “Naruto” as a typical weekly magazine manga (pp. 163-171)
  • Fujimoto, Yukari. Women in “Naruto”, women reading “Naruto” (pp. 172-191)
  • Bauwens-Sugimoto, Jessica. Fanboys and “Naruto” epics: Exploring new ground in fanfiction studies (pp. 192-208)
  • Ehmke, Franziska. The traditional naruto (maelstrom) motif in Japanese culture (pp. 209-219)
  • Gan, Sheuo Hui. Auteur and anime as seen in the Naruto TV series: An intercultural dialogue between film studies and anime research (pp. 220-242)
  • Roth, Martin. Playing “Naruto”: Between metanarrative characters, unit operations, and objects (pp. 243-258)

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