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Editor: Frenchy Lunning

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press (Minneapolis, MN)

ISBN: 978-0-8166-8955-5


Original essays:

  • Lamarre, Thomas. Introduction: Manga life…Tezuka (pp. ix-xiii).
  • Knighton, Mary A. “Becoming-insect woman”: Tezuka’s feminism species (pp. 3-24).
  • Godart, G. Clinton. Tezuka Osamu’s circle of life: Vitalism, evolution and Buddhism (pp. 34-47).
  • Chance, Linda W. Atom came from bugs: The precocious didacticism of Tezuka Osamu’s Essays in Insect Idleness (pp. 49-59).
  • Gfader, Verina.  On the fabulation of a form of life in the drawn line and systems of thought (pp. 61-71).
  • Marran, Christine L. The metaphoric and microscopic in Tezuka Osamu’s graphic novels (pp. 73-85).
  • Rusca, Renato Rivera. Phoenix 2772: A 1980 turning point for Tezuka and anime (pp. 109-125).
  • Steinberg, Marc. Copying Atomu (pp. 127-136).
  • Hashimoto, Yorimitsu. Toward a theory of “artist manga”: Manga self-consciousness and the transforming figure of the artist (pp. 155-171).
  • Holmberg, Ryan. Manga Shonen: Kato Kenichi and the manga boys (pp. 173-193).
  • Hideaki, Fujiki. Implicating readers: Tezuka’s early seinen manga (pp. 195-212).
  • Clements, Jonathan. Tezuka’s anime revolution in context (pp. 214-226).
  • Schodt, Frederik L. Designing a world (pp. 228-242).
  • Otsuka, Eiji. An unholy alliance of Eisenstein and Disney: The fascist origins of otaku culture (pp. 251-277).
  • Galbraith, Patrick W. Osamu Moet Moso: Imagining lines of eroticism in Akihabara  (pp. 279-297).
  • Hori, Hikari. Tezuka, shojo manga, and Hagio Moto (pp. 299-311).
  • Gibson, Alicia. Out of death, an atomic consecration to life: Astro Boy and Hiroshima’s long shadow (pp. 313-320).
  • Ueno, Toshiya. Wolf head in Phoenix (pp. 322-335).

Translations of essays previously published in Japanese

  • Natsume, Fusanosuke. Where is Tezuka? A theory of manga expression (pp. 89-107).
    [excerpted from Tezuka Osamu wa doko ni iru (Where is Tezuka Osamu?), Tokyo, Chikuma Shobo, 1992].

Translations of manga

  • Tezuka, Osamu. Diary of an insect shojo’s vagabond life (pp. 25-32).
  • Akatsuka, Fujio. Tokiwasou story (pp. 152).
  • Anno, Moyoco. Unico (pp. 243-248).

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