Editors: Mark McLelland, Kazumi Nagaike, Katsuhiko Suganuma and James Welker

Publisher: University Press of Mississippi (Jefferson, MS)

ISBN: 978-1-6284-6119-0


  • McLelland, Mark, & Welker, James. An introduction to “Boys Love” in Japan (pp. 3-20).
  • Hartley, Barbara. A genealogy of Boys Love: The gaze of the girl and the bishonen body in the prewar images of Takebatake Kasho (pp. 21-41).
  • Welker, James. A brief history of shonen’ai, yaoi, and Boys Love (pp. 42-76).
  • Fujimoto, Yukari. The evolution of BL as “playing with gender”: Viewing the genesis and development of BL from a contemporary perspective (pp. 76-92).
    [Translated by Joanne Quimby. Originally published as “Shonen-ai/yaoi, BL: 2007-nen genzai no shiten kara” (Shonen-ai, yaoi, and BL: From the perspective of 2007), Yuriika, 39(16), 36-47.]
  • Suzuki, Kazuko. What can we learn from Japanese professional BL writers?: A sociological
    analysis of yaoi/BL terminology and classifications (pp. 93-118).
  • Nagaike, Kazumi, & Aoyama, Tomoko. What is Japanese “BL studies?”: A historical and analytical overview (pp. 119-140).
  • Otomo, Rio. Politics of utopia: Fantasy, pornography, and Boys Love (pp. 141-152).
  • Galbraith, Patrick W. Moe talk: Affective communication among female fans of yaoi in Japan (pp. 153-168).
  • Hester, Jeffry T. Fujoshi emergent: Shifting popular representations of yaoi/BL fandom in Japan (pp. 169-189).
  • Nagaike, Kazumi. Do heterosexual men dream of homosexual Men?: BL fudanshi and discourse
    on male feminization (pp. 189-209).
  • Ishida, Hitoshi. Representational appropriation and the autonomy of desire in yaoi/BL (pp. 210-232).
    [Translated by Katsuhiko Suganuma. Originally published as “’Hottoite kudasai’ to iu hyomei o megutte: Yaoi/BL no juritsusei to hyosho no odatsu” (On the declaraction “Please leave me alone”: The autonomy of yaoi/BL and the appropriation of prepresentation, Yuriika, 39(16) , 114-123.]
  • Aoyama, Tomoko. Queering the cooking man: Food and gender in Yoshinaga Fumi’s (BL) manga (pp. 233-252).
  • McLelland, Mark. Regulation of manga content in Japan: What Is the future for BL? (pp. 253-273).


  • 2016 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards – Best Scholarly/Academic Work (nominated)


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