Mechademia 10Editor: Frenchy Lunning

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press (Minneapolis, MN)

ISBN: 978-0-8166-9915-5


  • Acknowledgements: A deep bow of gratitude (pp. ix-xi)
  • Lunning, Frenchy. Introduction: Conterfactual histories, parallel universes, and possible worlds (pp. xiii-xvii).

Original essays on anime/manga and related topics

  • Horbinski, Andrea. Record of dying days: The alternate history of Ooku (pp. 63-79).
  • Saito, Satomi. Beyond the horizon of the possible worlds: A historical overview of Japanese media franchises (pp. 161).
  • Anderson, Steven R. A world without pain: Therapeutic robots and the analgesic imagination (pp. 179-191).
    [Roujin Z]
  • Greenwood, Forrest. A girl at the end of time: Temporality, (p)remediation, and narrative freedom in Puella Magi Madoka Magica (pp. 195-207).
  • Gossin, Pamela. Animated nature: Aesthetics, ethics, and empathy in Miyazaki Hayao’s ecophilosophy (pp. 209-234).
  • Hack, Brett. Ominous images of youth: Worlds, identities, and violence in Japanese news media and When They Cry (pp. 236-250).

Other essays

  • Lippitt, Akira Mizuta. Between disaster, Medium 3.11 (pp. 3-15).
  • Thouny, Christophe. The land of hope: Planetary cartographies of Fukushima, 2012 (pp. 17-34).
  • Kohso, Sabu. Tokyo apparatus (Version 1.0) (pp. 36-53).
  • Furukawa, Susan W. Deconstructing the Taiko: The problem of Hideyoshi as postwar business model (pp. 81-96).
  • Penney, Matthew. A nation restored: The utopian future of Japan’s Far Right (pp. 98-112).
  • Annett, Sandra. What can a vocaloid do? The kyara as body without organs (pp. 163-177).
  • Heitzman, Kendall. Parallel universes, vertical worlds, and the nation as palimpsest in Murakami Ryu’s The World Five Minutes From Now (pp. 252-266).

Additional materials

  • Tomoyuki, Hoshino. Good morning: A post-disaster palm-of-the-hand story (pp. 55-60).
    (translated by Brian Bergstrom)
  • Moto, Hagio. Nanohana (pp. 114-140).
    (translated by Matt Thorn, introduction by Frenchy Lunning)