Manga Vision

ISBN: 978-1925377064
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Editors: Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou & Cathy Sell

Publisher: Monash University Publishing (Clayton, Victoria, Australia)

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Pasfield-Neofitou, Sarah. Introduction – Tuning in to manga: Cultural and communicative perspectives (pp. 1-12).

Section One: Appropriation and Expansion: Cultural Expression

  • Langsford, Claire. Image to object, illustration to costume: Australian cosplayers and cosplay ‘ways of seeing’ manga (pp. 14-34).
  • Moreno Acosta, Angela. Beyond ‘Japaneseness’: Representative possibilities of Original English Language Manga in Svetlana Chmakova’s Dramacon (pp. 35-51).
  • Rusca, Renato Rivera. The changing role of manga and anime magazines in the Japanese animation industry (pp. 52-69).
  • Bell, Corey. From victim to kira: Death Note and the misplaced agencies of cosmic justice (pp. 70-86).
  • Turner, Simon. Exploring yaoi fans’ online practices in an online community (pp. 87-106).
  • Baudinette, Thomas. An evaluation of physicality in the bara manga of Badi magazine (pp. 107-124).

Section Two: Communication and Engagement: Language Exchange

  • Aoyama, Tomoko, & Kennett, Belinda. Nodame’s language lessons (pp. 146-160).
  • Robertson, Wes. Writing another’s tongue: Orthographic representations of non-fluency in Japanese manga (pp. 161-177)
  • Lee, James F., & Armour, William S. Factors influencing non-native readers’ sequencing of Japanese manga panels (pp. 178-193).
  • Promnitz-Hayashi, Lara. Manga in the English as a Foreign Language classroom (pp. 194-208).
  • Tanaka, Lidia. Impolite language in manga (pp. 209-226).
  • Zulawnik, Adam Antoni. Ken-Honyaku-ryu: Issues in the translation of controversial texts focusing on the manga comics Hate Korean Wave and Hate Japanese Wave (pp. 227-250).
  • Sell, Cathy, & Pasfield-Neofitou, Sarah. The sound of silence: Translating onomatopoeia and mimesis in Japanese manga (pp. 251-270).
  • Sell, Cathy. Manga spectacles: Manga as a multimodal research tool (pp. 271-280).


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