The End of Cool Japan

ISBN: 978-1138638259
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“This collection brings together Japan specialists in order to identify key challenges in using Japanese popular culture materials in research and teaching. It addresses issues such as the availability of unofficially translated and distributed Japanese material; the emphasis on adult-themes, violence, sexual scenes and under-age characters; and the discrepancies in legislation and ratings systems across the world.”

Editor: Mark McLelland

Publisher: Routledge (Abingdon, UK)


  • McLelland, Mark. Introduction: Negotiating “Cool Japan” in research and teaching (pp. 1-30).
  • Freedman, Alisa. Death Note, student crimes, and the power of universities in the global spread of manga (pp. 31-50).
  • Miller, Laura. Scholar girl meets manga maniac, media specialist, and cultural gatekeeper (pp. 51-70).
  • Cather, Kirsten. Must we burn eromanga? Trying obscenity in the courtroom and in the classroom (pp. 70-93).
  • Orbaugh, Sharalyn. Manga, anime, and child pornography law in Canada (pp. 94-108).
  • Galbraith, Patrick W. “The lolicon guy”: Some observations on researching unpopular topics in Japan (pp. 109-134).
  • Stapleton, Adam. All seizures great and small: Reading contentious images of minors in Japan and Australia (pp. 134-163).
  • Yang, Ling, & Xu, Yanrui. “The love that dare not speak its name”: The fate of Chinese danmei communities in the 2014 anti-porn campaign (pp. 163-183).
  • Bauwens-Sugimoto, Jessica. Negotiating religious and fan identities: “Boys’ love” and fujoshi guilt (pp. 184-195).
  • Santos, Kristine Michelle, & Sihombing, Febriani. Is there a space for cool manga in Indonesia and the Philippines? Postcolonial discourses on transcultural manga (pp. 196-218)
  • Appendix I: Interview with Uchiyama Aki (pp. 219-221)

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