Editors: Helen McCarthy & Darren-John Ashmore

Publisher: McFarland & Co.

ISBN: 978-1-4766-7996-9

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  • Ashmore, Darren-John & McCarthy, Helen. Introduction (pp. 7-12).

  • McCarthy, Helen. Leiji Matsumoto: A life in context (pp. 13-28).

  • Ashmore, Darren-John. Sailing a sea of stars: Growth and change in Matsumoto’s space opera (pp. 29-56).

  • Eldred, Tim. Even better than the real thing: Matsumoto’s manga (pp. 57-83)

  • Tarbox, Jonathan. The Cockpit and the nobility of failure (pp. 84-110).

  • Thomas, Stefanie. Female in a male universe: Women in Matsumoto’s space operas (pp. 111-146).

  • Hoff, Edmund W. The impact of Matsumoto’s universe on anime magazines as a platform for cosplay (pp. 147-163).

  • Montoya, Ondine & Montoya, Matthew. A captain’s tribute to Leiji Matsumoto: A cosplay project (pp. 164-186).

  • Davisson, Zack. Translating Leiji Matsumoto (pp. 187-199).

  • Ashmore, Darren-Jon. Interview with Leiji Matsumoto (pp. 200-210


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Additional Materials:

Darren-Jon Ashmore interview, International College of Liberal Arts, Yamanashi Gakuin University
Helen McCarthy interview, Toho Kingdom
Helen McCarthy / Darren-John Ashmore interview, Third Impact Anime Podcast