Editors: Joff P.N. Bradley & Catherine Ju-yu Cheng

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1-5275-7166-1

Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Bradley, Joff P.N. & Cheng, Catherine Ju-Yu. Introduction: On the elemental forces in worlds of shadow and depth (pp. XXI-XXXI)

Chapter 1:

Bradley, Joff P.N. On the philosophy of wind: On madness and technology in Miyazaki Hayao’s The Wind Rises (pp. 2-24)

Chapter 2:

Liao, Chaoyang. Time in movement: The knotting of thought in Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name (pp. 25-45).

Chapter 3:

Cheng, Catherine Ju-Yu. Catastrophism and creation in Shinkai Makoto’s Your Name (pp. 46-61).

Chapter 5

Grajdian, Maria. Towards a phenomenology of seduction: From Julia Kristeva’s sujet en process to anti-shoujo (pp. 84-102).
[Kimi ga Nozomu Eien; Noir]

Chapter 6

McDougall, Edward. Return of the gods – a Heideggerian interpretation of the sacred in Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away (pp. 104-120).

Chapter 8

Ueno, Toshiya. War and anime in the age of machine-oriented ontology: The Case of Mamoru Oshii (pp. 133-147).

Chapter 9

Thouny, Christophe. Fortress-cities: Ecosophy and world-becoming in contemporary Japanese popular culture (pp. 150-172).
[Attack on Titan; Megazone 23; Psycho-Pass]

Chapter 10

Wu, Pei-Ju. Beyond upside-down hugs: The BwO in Yoshiura Yasuhiro’s Patema Inverted (pp. 173-186).

Chapter 12

Osaki, Harumi. Repetition of the different as art of adaptation: On the animated adaptation of Dazai Osamu’s Run Melos! in the Blue Literature Series (pp. 208-225).

Chapter 13

Alt, Joachim. No hope in 1945? Story framing and film semiotics in anime on Japan’s war (pp. 227-245).
[Barefoot Gen; Giovanni’s Island; Nagasaki 1945 ~ The Angelus Bells]

Note: several chapters in the volume do not discuss anime/Japanese animation. These include:

Chapter 4 – Kang, Woosung. A masked human zombie aesthetics and the ineffable alterity (pp. 64-82).
Chapter 7 – Lee, Alex Taek-Kwang. Walter Benjamin, Gilles Deleuze, and Mickey Mouse: Animation
in the age of technical reproducibility
(pp. 121-131).
Chapter 11 – Wu, Su Chen. An ecopsychological reading of The Little Prince (pp. 188-205).
Chapter 13 – Yu, Chen Wei. Schizoanalyzing Emily Gravett’s picture books Little Mouse’s
Big Book of Fears and The Rabbit Problem (pp. 247-257).