Editors: Christian Cotton & Andrew M. Winters

Publisher: Carus Books

ISBN: 978-1-63770-004-4

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Winters, Andrew M. The consolation of anime.

I. Finding meaning in instrumentality.

  • Browning, Heather & Veit, Walter. The desperate search for meaning in life
  • Visser, Nathan, & Barkman, Adam. How do we know who we are?
  • Yasuyuki, Sano. A teenage existence.
  • Potter, Jake. My life is worth living here!
  • Costa, Jonas Faria. The meaning of you.

II. After (re)birth and before death

  • Winters, Andrew M. When heroes can (not) choose to become themselves.
  • Eilenberger, Hans-Georg. The young, the old, the monstrous.
  • Namba, Yuuki. What do children find in the end?
  • Cabassa, Luca, & Caparrini, Matteo. Shinji’s choice.

III. How to think when you are (not) alone.

  • Fajardo-Chica, David. When you have two right hands and they are both in flames.
  • Perušić, Luka. The mysterious AT Field.
  • Tanigawa, Yoshihiro. Coping with loneliness, or, how to grow watermelons.
  • Delport, Khegan M. Evangelion‘s terminal dogma.

IV. You (cannot) exist.

  • Vereb, Zachary. Living questions or dead ends?
  • Cheong, Marc. A tale of two anti-heroes.
  • Pacheco, Gionatan C. Plant a tree, build an AT field, and wait for the apocalypse.

V. Tools to rebuild after impact.

  • Christensen, Jeremy, & Holmes, Eric. Hands off my show!
  • Bordonaba-Plou, David. Desperately seeking Misato.
  • Yenimazman, Denis. From Kaballah, angels, and apocalypse to kaiji, mecha, and personal growth.