Editors: James Welker & Alison Alexy

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

9780824888992 (hardcover) /
9780824892845 (paperback)

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De Gruyter

University of Hawai’i Press


Welker, James. Introduction: Boys Love (BL) media and its Asian transfigurations (pp. 1-16).

Xu Yanrui, & Yang Ling. Between BL and slash: Danmei fiction, transcultural mediation, and changing gender norms in contemporary China (pp. 17-30).

Baudinette, Thomas. BL as a “resource of hope” among Chinese gay men in Japan (pp. 42-54).

Jacobs, Katrien, & Han, Hau Lai. “Send them to Mars!”: Boys Love erotica and civil rights in Hong Kong (pp. 68-79).

Kwon, Jungmin. The commercialization and popularization of Boys Love in South Korea (pp. 80-91).

Kim, Hyojin. Rethinking the meaning of Boys Love in an era of feminism: Online discourse on “leaving BL” in late 2010s Korea (pp. 92-107).

Wang, Peiti. Repression or revolution?: On the Taiwanese BL fan community’s reactions to the same-sex marriage legalization movement (pp. 108-122).

Sukotjo, Kania. Hiding in plain sight: Boys Love content at Indonesia’s “Comic Frontier” (pp. 123-137).

Prameswari Gita Pramudita. Dissonant passions: Indonesian Boys Love fans’ identity negotiation and perspectives on LGBT issues (pp. 138-152).

Fermin Tricia Abigail Santos. BL coupling in a different light: Filipino fans envisioning an alternative model of intimacy (pp. 153-166).

Lai, Aerin. Docile BL bodies: Boys Love under state and societal censorship in Singapore (pp. 167-180).

Bunyavejchewin Poowin. The queer if limited effects of Boys Love manga fandom in Thailand (pp. 181-193).

Menon, Lakshmi. Desi desu: Sex, sexuality, and BL consumption in urban India (pp. 209-224).

Santos Kristine Michelle. Glocalization of Boys Love dojinshi in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia (pp. 225-242).

Nagaike, Kazumi. On the psychology, physicality, and communication strategies of male fans of BL in East Asia: A cross-cultural analysis of men’s desires to “become” fudanshi (pp. 243-256).

Saito, Asako P. From legends to games to homoerotic fiction: Dynasty Warriors BL texts from China, Japan, and Taiwan (pp. 257-271).

Welker, James. Afterword: Boys Love as a world-shaping genre (pp. 272-278).

Note: Two chapters in the volume do not discuss manga or other related topics.

  • Lin, Xi. Breaking the structural silence: The sociological function of danmei novels in contemporary China (pp. 31-41).
  • Byung’chu DredgeKang-Nguyễn. Faen of Gay Faen: Realizing Boys Love in Thailand betwixt Imagination and Existence (pp. 194-208).