Use these forms to search for English-language scholarly publications on Japanese animation (anime) and Japanese comics (manga), including monographs, articles in peer-reviewed journals, and chapters in edited essay collections. The database currently contains records for approximately 4,000 individual publications, and more are added being added continuously.

Search in [Title] for terms in the titles of particular publications ONLY, such as for Naruto. When searching for a phrase such as Spirited Away, do not use quotation marks.

Search in [Author] for an author’s last or first name, such as [Napier] for articles and other types of publications by Prof. Susan Napier. All names are listed last name first.

Search in [ALL] for terms that appear anywhere anywhere in a record, including in keyword fields. Keywords have been added to some selected records, especially where it is not clear from a title alone what specific anime or manga is discussed.


The database is continuously under development, and remains a work in progress.