Books on Japanese Animation and Japanese Comics
1983 – 2024

Hayao Miyazaki: Exploring the Early Work of Japan’s Greatest Animator
Greenberg Raz
published: July 12, 2018
copyright: 2018

The Anime Ecology: A Genealogy of Television, Animation, and Game Media
Lamarre Thomas
published: March 3, 2018
copyright: 2018

Floating Worlds: A Short History of Japanese Animation
Novielli Maria
published: January 31, 2018
copyright: 2018

The Criminalisation of Fantasy Material: Law and Sexually Explicit Representations of Fictional Children
Al-Alosi Hadeel
copyright: 2018

Yoko Kanno’s Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack
Bridges Rose
published: November 2, 2017
copyright: 2017

The Anime Boom in the United States: Lessons for Global Creative Industries
Daliot-Bul Michal, Otmazgin Nissim
published: November 27, 2017
copyright: 2017

Graphic Novels: A Guide to Comic Books, Manga, and More, 2nd Edition
Pawuk Michael, Serchay David S.
published: May 30, 2017
copyright: 2017

Manga in America: Transnational Book Publishing and the Domestication of Japanese Comics
Brienza Casey
published: January 28, 2016
copyright: 2016

Manga and Anime go to Hollywood
Davis Northrop
published: December 17, 2015
copyright: 2016

Imitation and Creativity in Japanese Arts: From Kishida Ryusei to Miyazaki Hayao
Lucken Michael
published: March 29, 2016
copyright: 2016

The Moral Narratives of Hayao Miyazaki
Reinders Eric
published: October 14, 2016
copyright: 2016

Anime: A Critical Introduction
Denison Rayna
published: December 3, 2015
copyright: 2015

Anime, Religion and Spirituality: Profane and Sacred Worlds in Contemporary Japan
Buljan Katherine, Cusack Carole M.
published: October 31, 2014
copyright: 2015

Japanese Mythology in Film: A Semiotic Approach to Reading Japanese Film and Anime
Okuyama Yoshiko
published: April 9, 2015
copyright: 2015

Manga: Medium, Art and Material
Berndt Jaqueline
published: April 1, 2015
copyright: 2015

Anime Aesthetics: Japanese Animation and the ‘Post-Cinematic’ Imagination
Swale Alistair
published: August 10, 2015
copyright: 2015

Hayao Miyazaki’s World Picture
Cavallaro Dani
published: March 2, 2015
copyright: 2015

The Late Works of Hayao Miyazaki: A Critical Study, 2004-2013
Cavallaro Dani
published: November 28, 2014
copyright: 2015

The Anime Encyclopedia: A Century of Japanese Animation, 3rd Revised Edition
Clements Jonathan, McCarthy Helen
published: March 3, 2015
copyright: 2015

Studio Ghibli: The Films of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, Second Edition
Le Blanc Michelle, Odell Colin
published: October 1, 2015
copyright: 2015

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