Books on Japanese Animation and Japanese Comics
1983 – 2024

The Tale of Genji Through Contemporary Manga: Challenging Gender and Sexuality in Japan
Miyake Lynne K.
published: June 11, 2024
copyright: 2024

Anime’s Knowledge Cultures: Geek, Otaku, Zhai
Li Jinying
copyright: 2024

Transfiguring Women in Late Twentieth-Century Japan: Feminists, Lesbians, and Girls‘ Comics Artists and Fans
Welker James
published: July 31, 2024
copyright: 2024

The Flesh of Animation: Bodily Sensations in Film and Digital Media
Annett Sandra
copyright: 2024

Rediscovered Classics of Japanese Animation: The Adaptation of Children’s Novels into the World Masterpiece Theater
Oltolini Maria Chiara
published: February 22, 2024
copyright: 2024

The Patterns of Comics: Visual Languages of Comics from Asia, Europe, and North America
Cohn Neil
published: December 28, 2023
copyright: 2024

Manga: A Critical Guide
Stewart Ronald, Suzuki Shige
published: October 20, 2022
copyright: 2023

Manga in Libraries: A Guide for Teen Librarians
Rudes Jullian
published: February 17, 2023
copyright: 2023

Studio Ghibli: An Industrial History
Denison Rayna
published: February 22, 2023
copyright: 2023

Anime: A History, 2nd Edition
Clements Jonathan
published: September 7, 2023
copyright: 2023

Alice in Japanese Wonderlands: Translation, Adaptation, Mediation
Kennell Amanda
published: July 31, 2023
copyright: 2023

Manga, Murder and Mystery: The Boy Detectives of Japan’s Lost Generation
Okabe Mimi
published: July 27, 2023
copyright: 2023

A History of Modern Manga (1952-2022)
Lefebvre Laurent, Pinon Matthieu
published: April 4, 2023
copyright: 2023

Mangaddicts: French Teenagers and Manga Reading
Detrez Christine, Vanhée Olivier
published: May 31, 2023
copyright: 2023

Monster Kids: How Pokémon Taught a Generation to Catch Them All
Dockery Daniel
published: October 4, 2022
copyright: 2022

The Ghibliotheque Anime Movie Guide
Cunningham Jake, Leader Michael
published: December 20, 2022
copyright: 2022

Tōjisha Manga: Japan’s Graphic Memoirs of Brain and Mental Health
Okuyama Yoshiko
published: August 31, 2022
copyright: 2022

A Development Strategy for Hybrid Products: The Case of the Japanese Animation Industry
Ichikohji Takeyasu
published: November 1, 2021
copyright: 2022

The Immersive Enclosure: Virtual Reality in Japan
Roquet Paul
published: May 24, 2022
copyright: 2022

One Thousand Years of Manga, Updated Edition
Koyama-Richard Brigitte
published: July 12, 2022
copyright: 2022

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